The Danes followed in the footsteps of their countrywomen and also won the title of European champions! In the final, the Scandinavians defeated the Norwegians 2:0. Bronze medals went to Hungary.


Denmark – Norway 2:0 (25:18, 19:16)

The final was undoubtedly under control of the Danes. As the result shows, the new European champions easily won both sets, despite the hard efforts of the Norwegians. The Danes trough the whole game were just a much better team and deservedly reached for the title, likewise earlier their countrywomen.

After the match, Joachim Hansen (Denmark team) did not hide his joy: – Of course I am very happy! I do not know if anyone expected that we would be able to return home with gold. We believed in ourselves and our skills throughout the tournament, everything went according to plan, and here we are! Our friends also won, so it’s a great tournament for our country.

Match for 3rd place:

Hungary – Russia 2:0 (26:20, 23:22)

Bronze in the hands of the Hungarians! While the first part of the game Magyars won without any problems, the second set was won after an amazing pursuit: firstly Hungary led to a draw, and then they scored a “golden goal”.

Match for 5th place:

Germany – Croatia 0:2 (21:22, 18:19)

The Croats defeated the Germans and took the 5th place in the tournament. In the second set a “golden goal” was needed. The difference between the two teams was minimal, but the Croats did slightly better in the endings, what was crucial.

Match for 7th place:

Poland – France 2:1 (16:15, 12:22, 8:6)

After the fascinating game the hosts, Poles, beat the French 2:1 and took the 7th place in the tournament. It’s their best result in history. This is the second victory of the White and Red over the three-color during the championships.

Match for 9th place:

Spain – Sweden 2:1 (21:20, 24:28, 4:2)

It was also one of the most even matches on the last day of the championships. The first set needed a “golden goal” to be decided, and the match – shoot-outs. However, the defenders of the title – the Spaniards – turned out to be slightly better. The 9th place, however, is not the peak of their dreams for them.

Match for 11th place:

Turkey – Ukraine 2:0 (24:23, 18:17)

The Turks coped with the Ukrainians with a lot of luck. Both sets ended with just one-point victory. The second set was decided only thanks to the “golden goal”.

Match for 13th place:

Serbia – Romania 0:2 (18:21, 20:22)

After a very even game, the Romanians defeated the Serbs and they will be 13th in the championship.

Match for 15th place:

Switzerland – Italy 0:2 (15:27, 22:29)

The Italians did not give the Swiss a chance, winning both sets very high. Helvets must stay with the 16th place.

Match for 17th place:

Slovenia – Portugal 0:2 (18:26, 20:38)

The Portuguese outclassed the Slovenians, in both sets building a very big advantage. 17. place at the championship goes to the Iberian Peninsula.

Match for 19th place:

North Macedonia – Montenegro 2:0 (26:9, 28:22)

Montenegrins are the worst team of the championships. In the match to avoid closing the stake, the Macedonians have easily defeated their rivals.

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