The title of the European champion goes to the Jutland Peninsula! Denmark beat Hungary 2-0 in the finals and won the gold medal of the BH EURO 2019 in Stare Jabłonki. Bronze medal is for the Netherlands.


Denmark – Hungary 2:0 (18:12, 23:22)

Scandinavians from the very beginning of the game showed better effectiveness and thanks to that they quickly gained a big advantage and consequently won the set. The second part began with an advantage of the Hungarians. Denamark team made up for the losses only in the 8. minute and took the lead, that they did not release anymore. Danish ladies are champions of Europe!

After the match the coach of gold medalists, Morten Holmen, was very happy: – We are tired, but also very happy! For girls it’s amazing experience. We have never expected that we could win this championship, although of course we believed it. We feel fantastic! I have no words fot that!

Match for 3rd place

Croatia – Netherlands 0:2 (14:23, 20:22)

At the beginning, the Dutchmen did definitely better than Croatians and made a big step towards the bronze medal. The second part was more even and only the last seconds made Oranje the team on the lowest stage of the podium after beating rivals from the Balkans.

Match for the 5th place

Norway – Spain 1:2 (20:12, 24:25, 4:5)

The beginning of the match did not herald such a fierce competition. Spaniards have easily defeated Norwegians in the opening set. In the second, however, gold medalists of previous championships showed a fighting spirit and led to shoot-outs. There, players from the Iberian Peninsula were slightly better and thanks to that they can enjoy the 5th place.

Match for the 7th place

Ukraine – Greece 1:2 (20:21, 23:22, 4:8)

The Greek team defeated Ukrainians after a very even game. Both sets ended with an advantage of only one point in favor of one of the teams and the result was decided in shoot-outs. There dominated Greeks that thanks to winning took 7th place in the tournament.

Match for 9th place

Russia – Germany 2:0 (28:24, 22:18)

Russians won with Germans in a spectacular match. In both sets many goals were scored, but in both cases the Russians were able to earn an advantage of four points and win.

Match for the 11th place

Turkey – Poland 2:1 (18:19, 18:17, 6:2)

The hosts lost to Turks in the match for the 11th place. Both sets were very even and ended with a similar result, once in favor of Polish team and once in favour of Turkey. But in the shoot-outs the away team was definitely better.

Match for the 13th place

Italy – France 0: 2 (8:17, 14:17)

The match for the 13th place was definitely won by the French team, that in both sets showed that they are stronger than the Italians. Les Bleus finished on the 13th position.

Match for the 15th place

Portugal – Switzerland 2: 1 (23:11, 18:24, 5: 2)

The first set was easily won by the Portuguese, but in the second one roles have reverted upside down and now the game was under control of the Swiss. However, in the shoot-outs athletes from the Iberian Peninsula did much better, thanks to which they won 2:1 and took the 15th place.

Match for 17th place

Slovenia – Romania 0: 2 (12:25, 14:15)

Romanians, after a fierce battle in the second set, won against the Slovene team, although the first part of the game did not announce such an even fight. Slovenian resistance was though not enough to win, so they took 18th place just behind Romania.

Match for 19th place

Macedonia – Cyprus 0: 2 (11:20, 18:19)

The Cypriots, in an almost identical match to that for the 17th place, defeated Macedonia. The islanders dominated in the first part of the game, then had some more problems, but eventually they managed to avoid the last place of the tournament.

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