Denmark and Norway in the final! The title of the European champion will go to Scandinavia. On the fifth day of BH EURO in Stare Jabłonki many important decisions were made.


Denmark – Hungary 2:0 (19:16, 22:18)

The Danes are the first EURO finalist! Although the 2:0 result does not indicate an equal fight, we have seen a real battle on the sand. Twice, however, the Scandinavians managed to beat Hungary at the very end of the sets and build a small advantage then. The Danes owed their victory to steel nerves.

Norway – Russia 2:1 (20:18, 24:26, 7:4)

The match started with a lead of Russians, they were on the way to win a set, but the pursuit of the Norwegians were successful. In the second set, the roles were inverted. But in the last moment, the Russians did it to the draw. They also scored the “golden goal”. In the shoot-outs, however, the Scandinavians did better and joined the Danes in the finals.

Final: Denmark – Norway
Match for 3rd place: Hungary – Russia

Matches for places 5-8

France – Germany 0:2 (18:22, 16:19)

The Germans relatively easily coped with the France team, in both sets with a few goals advantage. Thanks to that they will play for 5th place.

Poland – Croatia 1: 2 (18:21, 21:20, 6:9)

Croats will join Germans who defeated Poles after shoot-outs. It was a fascinating match, the second set was decided by a golden goal. However, players from the Balkans turned out to be slightly better.

Match for 5th place: Germany – Croatia
Match for 7th place: Poland – France

Matches for places 9-16

In this phase, the two worst teams from two groups of the main round and the two best of the “consolation” groups met each other. The Spanish and Swedes won both Saturday matches and they will play for 9th place. For 11th place will compete teams that on Saturday recorded a victory and a defeat, that is Turks and Ukrainians. Teams that have reverse balance of the day will play for 13th position (Serbs and Romanians). The Swiss and Italians will face each other for the 15th place.


Matches for places 17-20

The Slovenes won with Macedonia and the Portuguese with Montenegro. As a result, the winners will compete for the 17th place, and the losers will try to avoid the last place of the tournament table.


Match for 17th place: Slovenia – Portugal
Match for 19th place: Macedonia – Montenegro

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