Behind us the quarterfinals of men’s competition during the BH EURO in Stare Jabłonki. We already know that on Sunday the new European champion will be crowned. The Spaniards, defenders of the title, did not manage to get promoted from the group in the main stage!

Main round

Group 1

Certain of getting promotion Denmark team defeated Norway (2:0). Nevertheless, both teams from Scandinavia advanced to the quarterfinals. They were joined by Germans and Russians, although on Friday these teams were facing each other. The Russians won (2:1). In a small table (four teams had four points each) Germany was well placed so they still achieved the promotion despite loosing the match. Spaniards, defenders of the title are eliminated! Apart from them, also the Serbs did not get through.

Match results:

Promotion: Denmark, Russia, Germany, Norway

Group 2

In the duel at the top, Croatia defeated Hungary 2:0. Both teams already on Thursday were sure of promotion. The Poles defeated the Swiss (2:1) and secured a third place in the group. The French also won and completed the quarter-finals setup. The Swiss and the Ukrainians said goodbye to the medals.

Match results:

Promotion: Croatia, Hungary, Poland, France

Consolation round

Groups 3&4

Italians and Swedes got promotion to zone 9-16 with the set of points, also winning their Friday games. Turkey joined them thanks to defeating Macedonia (2:0). Also Romania get through, despite defeat with the representation of Three Crowns (0:2).

Match results:

To the games for places 9-16 were promoted: Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Romania


Denmark – France 2:0

The French did what they could, but they did not have much chance against Danes, the winners of group 1. The Scandinavians dealt with them in two sets.

Russia – Poland 2:0

A huge disappointment for the hosts. Although in the first set the Poles were dominated, in the second set they made an equal fight. Unfortunately, the golden goal determined the triumph of the Russians without having to play shoot-outs.

Croatia – Norway 0:2

Norwegians surprisingly easily won over Croatia, that during the event grew up as one of the main candidates for gold. Both sets ended with a four-point advantage of the Scandinavians.

Hungary – Germany 2:1

It was definitely the most interesting quarterfinal. The first set was highly won by the Hungarians, the second one was dominated by Germany though. Everything was to be decided in a series of shoot-outs. There, Magyars kept more of cold blood.

Semi-final pairs: Denmark – Hungary, Russia – Norway

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