European beach handball championships in Stare Jabłonki 2019 are starting on July 2! Here’s what you need to know about them.

1. The first European handball beach championships took place in 2000 in the Italian Gaeta. Since then, during ten events, participants have visited seven countries throughout the Europe and won a total of 60 medals.

2. The event in Poland is the eleventh edition of the tournament. We are the eighth country that took up its organization.

3. The competition will take place at the Anders Hotel in Stare Jabłonki, which has already hosted, among others, beach volleyball world championships or PGNiG Summer Superligi tournaments.

4. Among women Norway and Croatia teams were ranked the most often on a podium (5 times each). Most gold medals (2), however, have three other nations: Croatians, Russians and Hungarians.

5. Among the gentlemen, the largest collection of medals was gathered by the Russians (7 medals). However, the dominators are Croats who have won the title four times. Russians – only two.

6. Polish male team at the European Championships made its debut in 2006, and their best result in history is the 8th place achieved in the Norwegian Larvik. Our female team visited the Old Continent championships for the first time in 2009. Two years ago, they won silver at the championships in Zagreb.

7. In Stare Jałonki the title will be defended by Norwegians ladies and Spaniards. On the remaining steps of the podium in Zagreb were Polish and Spanish women, as well as Russians and Croats male team.

8. The tournament will last from July 2 to 7, 196 matches will be played on four courts.

9. Polish broadcaster – TV Polsat – will broadcast 35 games in its sport channels (Polsat Sport).

10. Both in women and in men competition, the tournament will start with the games in four groups of five teams, the best three of which will be promoted to the main round, in which they will compete in two groups of six teams. The remaining teams will meet in a consolation round, from which a total of 4 teams (two best from the group) will compete for places 9-16 with the four weakest teams of the main round. Games for places from 1-8 will be played by the knock-out system.