Croats with a gold medal! In the final Hrvatska defeated the Hungarians, and in the match for bronze the Spaniards turned out to be better than the Dutch. Poles took 6th place.


The Croats had to chase the whole first half. However, they ran out of time and the set ended with a result of 25:20 for the Hungarians.

Croats were motivated by the defeat in the first set. The second part of the game they started with a 4-0 lead and kept it to the end (20:19). Gold was supposed to be decided by the shoot-outs. Nobody made a mistake. In the end, the ball slipped from the hand of one Hungarian, who did not even manage to take the throw. The Croats have not wasted that opportunity. 7:6 in shoot-outs gave them a gold medal. – We can not describe it! Wonderful feeling! – shouted Croats.

CRO – HUN 2:1

Match for 3rd place

Victory and bronze for Spain! The guests from the Iberian Peninsula dominated over their rivals, triumphing in both parties.

NED – ESP 0:2

Match for 5th place

Although the Poles (especially in the second set) fought bravely, the Portuguese secured the fifth place in the championship.

POR – POL 2:0

Match for 7th place

The Ukrainians did not have major problems with defeating the Romanians. Both sets they won very high.

UKR – ROU 2:0

Match for 9th palce

Although the result indicates the domination of one of the sides, the Germans don’t have dealt with the Russians without problems. The fate of the first set was decided by the golden goal, and the difference in the second set was just one point.

GER – RUS 2:0

Match for 11th place

The French did not give the Lithuanians a chance, very high winning both sets. In this way, the Tricolor team took the 11th place at the tournament.

LTU – FRA 0:2

Matches for 13 place

The Slovaks, like their compatriots, took the last place in the tournament. Bulgaria thanks to the victory over Slovakia will be placed on the 13th place. Switzerland separates obth teams.

SVK – BUL 0:2