Behind us the main round and the first decisions in the knockout phase of the YAC17 BH Euro 2019 in Stare Jabłonki. The Croats and Hungarians will play for gold. The Spaniards will not defend the title from two years ago.

Morning session (completion of the basic phase and consolation)

Groups 1 and 2 (main round)

Already on Friday, the teams from the Netherlands and Hungary already secured the semi-finals. On Saturday morning, the stake of their match was the victory in the table and better placement before the semis. Oranje won, who will face the second team of group II – Croatia, despite its defeat with Poland. The Hungarians will face the group I triumphants – the Spaniards.


Semi-finals: ESP vs HUN, CRO vs NED
Games for places 5-8: POR vs UKR, POL vs ROU

Groups 3 and 4 (consolation round)

France defeated Lithuania in the group IV big clash, but both teams will play for places 9-12. Bulgaria, together with the two worst teams of group III (Slovakia and Switzerland) will fight for the last places in the tournament.


Matches for places 9-12: GER vs LTU, RUS vs FRA

Afternoon session (knock-out round)


Both semi-finals ended with the same clear result: Croatia defeated the Dutch and the Hungarians – Spaniards 2:0. The games, however, had a completely different course: the Croats won both sets very high, while Spain fought with the Hungary head to head.

Saturday matches:

Sunday games:
HUN – CRO (final)
ESP – NED (for 3rd palce)

Matches for places 5-8

After an extremely exciting match and shoot-outs, the Poles defeated the Romanians and as a reward on Sunday they will face the Portuguese for the fifth place. Portugeses defeated the Ukrainians. The 7th place in the tournament will be the stake of the losers.

Saturday games:
POR – UKR 2:0
POL – ROU 2:1

Sunday matches:
POR – POL (for 5th place)
UKR – ROU (for 7th place)

Matches for places 9-12

The Germans easily defeated the Lithuanians and will play against the Russians for the 9th place, who only managed to deal with the French after a series of shoot-outs. The 11th place will be for France or Lithuania.

Saturday games:
GER – LTU 2:0
FRA – RUS 1:2

Sunday matches:
GER – RUS (for 9th place)
LIT – FRA (for 11th place)

Matches for places 13-15

This competition will not be resolved until Sunday. If the Bulgarians win, they will take the 13th place. If the Slovaks win, a small table will decide, because all teams will have one triumph on their account.

Saturday games:
SUI – SVK 2: 0
BUL – SUI 2: 1

Sunday matches: