Even the heavy rain did not stop ending preliminary stage of women’s junior competition during the European Championship under 17 in beach handball in Stare Jabłonki. We know all participants of the next round.

Group A

Group A was dominated by the Hungarian team, who won all their matches. It were the the Poles who gave them the best resistance: only Karolina Peda’s girls made it necessary to play shoot-outs. “White and red” showed their good side in all the matches, thanks to what they will continue the fight for medals. The Croatians defeated only Slovaks, who succumbed to all rivals.

All the results:
HUN – CRO 2:0
POL – SVK 2:0
HUN – POL 2:1
CRO – SVK 2:0
SVK – HUN 0:2
CRO – POL 0:2

Promotion: Hungary, Poland

Group B

The Dutch team, which was a definite favorite of this group, did not disappoint. Defenders of the title did not lose a single set. The second ticket to the main round was to be decided between Lithuania and Ukraine. The Lithuanians came out victorious from this confrontation.

All the results:
NED – UKR 2:0
LTU – NED 0:2
UKR – LTU 0:2

Promotion: Netherlands, Lithuania

Group C

Promotion from the group C to the main phase, took two teams, whose fierce clash at the top was decided by shoot-outs – Germans and Russians. After two games, France still had the chance to occupy the second place, but the meeting with Russia directly determined the promotion of the latter.

All the results:
GER – RUS 2:1
FRA – SUI 2:0
GER – FRA 2:1
RUS – SUI 2 0
SUI – GER 0:2
RUS – FRA 2:0

Promotion: Germany, Russia

Group D

The group D rivalry was definitely up to the Iberian Peninsula. Both the Spanish and Portuguese have defeated Romania, guaranteeing their place in the best eight of the tournament. In the rivalry of these two teams Spain was better.

All the results:
POR – ESP 0:2
ROU – POR 0:2
ESP – ROU 2:0

Promotion: Spain, Portugal

The main phase will be played on Friday.